Modi government’s readiness to give relief to 50 crore workers, draft of minimum wage law arrived

Unlike the earlier, a major change in this draft is that the employer has to give salary slips to every employee, whether in physical or electronic form. Apart from this, it will be necessary to give only 8 hours of work and one hour break

  • Law will come for fixing the minimum wages of employees
  • The government has notified the draft of this law
  • Everyone can send their opinion on this format

Considering the perception and political attacks against the government on the change in labor laws, now the Central Government has started preparations to bring more effective legislation to fix the minimum wage of workers. The government has issued gadget notifications for draft code on wage central rules.

This can benefit 50 crore employees and workers across the country. The government has issued this gadget notification on Tuesday and the opinion of all the parties has been sought in it, after which the final rules and laws will be prepared.

Significantly, the Code on Wages Bill has been passed in the Parliament a year ago. The government claims that not only the livelihood of the people but also their better lives have been taken care of. According to the format, the central and state governments will have the right to fix the minimum wage.

Under labor reforms, the government has proposed four labor codes, the first of which is the right to minimum wage. In the midst of the Corona crisis, many state governments have recently made labor laws flexible in favor of industry, due to which trade unions are criticizing them and the image of the central government has also been affected.

What is in this format

Unlike the first, a major change in this draft is that the employer has to give salary slips to every employee, whether in physical or electronic form. This will increase transparency and reduce harassment of workers. According to the government-issued notification, 123 types of professions have been included in it. The unskilled category includes loaders or unloaders, wood cutters, office buoys, cleaners, gatemen, sweepers, attendants, bells, etc.

The semi-skilled workforce consists of 127 professions, including cook or butler, khalasi, washerman, jamadar etc. The skilled category consists of 320 types of professions including Munshi, Typist, Bookkeeper, Librarian, Hindi Translator, Data Anti Operator etc. After this there is also a category of highly skilled employees which includes Armed Security Gord, Head Mechanics, Compounder, Swarnakar etc.

How will the minimum wage be decided

According to the format, the family will be made the basis for fixing the new salary. It is believed that if a standard working class family has an employee and a wife and two children in addition to the employee, then together they will eat at least three adults and should get at least 2700 calories per person per day. Similarly, this family will have about 66 meters of clothes every year. The rent of his room will be about 10 percent of the total expenditure on food and clothes. His expenditure on fuel, electricity bills and other expenses may be around 20 per cent of the minimum wage. Apart from these, children’s education, medical needs, entertainment, contingencies etc. will also be taken care of.

Will work only 8 hours

In this new format it has been said that an employee will have to work only 8 hours in a normal working day. He will also get a break once or more. It will be an hour in total. Similarly, one day a week will be a weekly holiday.

Significantly, many state government has increased the working hours to 12 in the midst of Corona crisis, which is also being criticized.