Modi silent on accusation / economy: Chidambaram; BJP bid – broke the condition of bail

Former finance minister P. Chidambaram, accused in INX media scam, got bail on Wednesday, came out of jail after 106 days
Today at the press conference – if by the end of the year the growth rate is even 5%, then we will consider ourselves lucky.
Chidambaram said – Economy is getting weak, Government is unaware of it; Onion prices reach above Rs 100

Former finance minister P. Chidambaram, accused in the INX media scam, held a press conference for the first time on Thursday after coming out of Tihar Jail. He targeted the Modi government on the issue of economy and inflation. Chidambaram said that we will be lucky if the growth rate comes to 5% by the end of the year. Earlier, Chidambaram also went to Parliament. Here he said that the government cannot suppress my voice. Union Minister Prakash Javadekar objected to Chidambaram’s press conference. He said that the former finance minister is breaking the bail conditions by making a statement in the media.

In fact, while granting bail on Wednesday, Chidambaram was instructed not to tamper with the evidence related to the INX scam and not to make a public statement on the issue in the media. But in an attempt to surround the government, he termed his term as the cleanest. While the CBI is investigating against him in the corruption and Enforcement Directorate money laundering case.

‘My good understanding on economy as former finance minister’Chidambaram said, “The economy is weakening, but the government is not worried about it.” Onion prices are Rs. 100. Have been above. The Prime Minister is silent on the economy. He left his ministers to make misleading statements. There is a lack of economy savvy in the government. Those who could deal with it better were removed from the post. The government has completely failed in managing the economy. ”

“75 lakh Kashmiris get a chance to breathe in the open air”
Chidambaram said, “I was able to breathe in the open air at 8 o’clock last night. My first request is that 75 lakh Kashmiris also get this opportunity, who were deprived of their basic right to freedom and taken into custody on 4 August 2019. I worry about the detained Kashmiri leaders without any reason. If the government allows, I want to go to Kashmir and see the situation. Freedom is our right and we should always be ready to protect it. ”He said that after being the Finance Minister, I have a good understanding on the economy. Officials, businessmen and journalists who have worked with me know this better. My tenure has been clean.

Chidambaram broke bail conditions on day one: BJPUnion Minister Prakash Javadekar objected to Chidambaram’s press conference. He said that on the very first day after getting bail, P. Chidambaram violated the conditions of the Supreme Court. The court has asked them not to make any public statements in the media. But today he said that his tenure as a Union Minister was impeccable.