Nature’s Leela: Mango and Peepal Plants on Neem Trees

Sometimes nature plays unique games. One such view is being seen on the Neem tree at the old court gate in the main market these days. Peepal and mango plants have grown in the branches of neem’s old and huge tree. Both these plants have grown to become the size of trees. In such a situation, two other varieties of plants planted in the Neem tree remain the center of attraction for those passing through it.

Amazing view of triveni

There is a huge neem tree at the old court gate near Thana City-1 in the main market. In this tree girl, the people who planted the roadside, run their shops on the pavement. For some time this tree has taken the form of Triveni. From the middle of the twig on the front side of the Neem tree, the Peepal plant is continuously taking a large size, while the mango plant has grown from about one and a half to two feet in the back.

What is the basis of growing trees on trees

Forest Range Officer Baljit Singh Kang says that where the crow is beeted after eating the fruit of the peepal tree, the seed of the peepal fruit originating with the beet also falls, causing the plant to grow. This plant may have grown from a crow’s beet. Similarly, as far as the mango plant is concerned, someone may have eaten mango and bounced it towards a kernel tree and it got stuck between a branch. The same kernel has taken the form of a plant during rainy days.

Nature lovers are caring

After this view of Triveni made on Neem tree, the nature lover Ravi Pandit has now started taking care of both the plants growing on Neem, so that both the plants also become trees and offer a wonderful view of Triveni.