new buses scheduled in Madhya Pradesh / Bhopal, new routes were built to go to Salaiya

Tenders were called before lockdown under AMRUT scheme
Selection of company and operator names remains to be done

Bhopal. Bhopal City Link Limited (BCLL) is going to start 300 buses on 11 new routes for the convenience of those living in remote areas of Bhopal city. For this, these buses will be operated to areas like Salaiya under the Amrit scheme. Divisional Commissioner Kavindra Kiyawat directed the officials of Bhopal BCLL to provide maximum benefit to the residents of remote areas of the city.

300 new buses will be run on 22 routes across Bhopal. These include 11 new routes connecting remote areas of the city. Kiyawat directed that the residents of those remote areas of the city and the colony which do not have any means of public transport should be benefited. In areas like Kolar, Hoshangabad Road, Raisen Road, Berasia, the initial center of the bus should be kept in the colony.

The scheme will benefit areas like Jat Kheri, Bhauri, Sanskar Upvan Kolar, Semar, Barnala, Danish Kunj, TB Hospital, Jagran Lakesity, Gandhi Nagar, Berasia, LNCT, Krishna Haight Bairagarh Chichli and Salaiya. BCCL PRO Sanjay Son said that the Amrit Yojana is an initiative to make urban transport high-level and accessible. The tenters have been filled. The company and operator are yet to be selected.

Survey was being done for the new route from the year 2016-17

With the introduction of new routes, two and a half lakhs of Kolar, 50 thousand passengers of Barrai and 20 thousand passengers of Bhunari would directly benefit. BCLL was surveying it for the year 2016-17. Travelers need not change bus to go to AIIMS from Sumitra campus, Kolar. Similarly, Nadra bus stand can also be reached in less time than before. The residents of Bhanuri and adjoining would have found a means to reach Halalpur directly.

The electric buses to be operated under the AMRUT scheme will run under the Department of Heavy Industry (DHI). In this, DHI will give 40 percent subsidy, while the operator will have to bear 60 percent of the cost. This will be done through Bhopal City Link Limited (BCLL). Currently, they will be operated within the city, after which they will be run slowly around the city as well. Two to three depots will be built to charge the buses. Electric buses will be operated separately from the operator. The tender process has been completed.

This feature in buses

These electric buses will be 38 seater and automatic doors.
Once charged, the bus will run 200 km.
This will control air pollution as well as noise pollution.
These buses will run on new routes of the city.
This project has been brought under the plan of DHI. The public vehicles will now be electric instead of diesel.