Nine people arrested, two people face to face against construction at religious site in Moradabad

On Saturday, two parties came face to face against the construction at the religious site. Stones broke between two sides in a clash. This caused panic in the entire village. In an attempt to overcome the deteriorating situation, the police had to carry out a flag march in the village. Nine accused were arrested from both sides after the matter was resolved. The village’s situation is tense but under control.

There is a mosque on the left as you enter the village of Fuzalpur Nagla in the police station area. The Chamunda site is ten steps away in front of the mosque. According to the police, despite Saturday’s closure, the construction of the boundary wall of the mosque shops started without permission. Seeing this, the other side started digging the foundation of Chamunda site. As soon as the construction work started around the religious places, the two sides came face to face with each other in protest. After a sharp note, the two sides broke with sticks on each other. Meanwhile, stone pelt started in the village. This caused panic in the entire village. Police officer Sandeep Kumar reached the spot with Dalbal as soon as this information was received. He pacified them by explaining both sides.

There has been a dispute even two years ago

Tension between the two parties is not new in Fazalpur Nagla village. Two years ago, both sides have come face to face against the construction at the Dharmil site. The administration then banned the construction till the dispute was over. The construction work of the main gate of the ancient Shiva temple in the village was also stopped. Villagers allege that the goods were ordered a day before for the construction of the mosque. A fresh controversy arose from the lapse of police.

Nine people from both sides sent to jail

SI Lajpat Singh said that the police arrested ten people from both sides and presented them in the court. All the accused were sent to jail from there. The accused include Aslam, Abdul Qadir, Danish, Rafi, Alam, besides Lokesh, Rahul, Deepak.

Administrative officers inspected

As soon as a clash broke out between the two parties, the administrative officers reached the spot. SDM Prabudh Kumar and CO Bilari Mahendra Kumar Shukla inspected the site. Station in-charge Sandeep Kumar informed the officials about the situation.