No one was ready to help Nusrat Jahan, 3 flower selling company on its own strength with a turnover of 2 crores

In 2010 Nusrat quit his government job.

Nusrat, a computer graduate, started his business instead of doing a job.

Nusrat Jahan Ara, 38, lives in Pulwama region of Kashmir. In 2010 Nusrat quit his government job. Nusrat, a computer graduate, wanted to start her own business instead.

He started by cultivating flowers in the garden behind his house. She grew and sold these flowers. Today, she is not only the owner of a flower selling company in her area, but is also promoting the floriculture sector in the valley.

However, this work was difficult for Nusrat. They had no supporter or investor. He put his deposit in the beginning of this business.

She says that people invest in a place like Kashmir to open a boutique or beauty parlor, but investing in floriculture makes them see a loss deal. When I told people about my work and asked for financial help from them, no one was willing to help me. Even from the administration, I did not get support.

But when Nusrat saw the demand for these flowers growing, it decided that he should pursue his work in any way. Nusrat took a loan from the bank. Today they have three flower forms and retail outlets. His company “Petals and Furnaces” provides employment to many people. His annual turnover is 2 crores.

Nusrat also runs Kashmir Essence, a brand of personal care and home care products under a company called Himalayan Agro Farms.

The brand also provides employment opportunities to local women by producing products from traditional Kashmiri items like saffron, almonds, cherries, walnuts, apples, olives, apricots, etc

According to Nusrat all the products prepared in this way are made from natural things grown in the surrounding areas. Ayurvedic method is used in making these.