No resentment on cuts and faults, consumers outraged

People are completely unhappy with the day-to-day faults and cuts. The resentment of people is increasing as their complaints at sub-stations are being scrutinized. Electricity sub-station from Fazilnagar to Jokwa, Fazilnagar Town, Patherwan, Bhathi Khurd, Bhathi Elderly, etc., about 15 thousand electricity consumers are supplied. The wires and poles installed three decades ago have become dilapidated and supply is being made with the same.

State secretary of Democratic Congress Ajay Kumar Shukla said that the department deals with the power supply from the sub-center’s south feeder, it will not be tolerated anymore. If the system is not improved then the cross-border battle with consumers will be fought.

Madhuban Singh said that often there is a problem of low voltage. When the wind blows, the wire breaks and falls, disrupting the supply. Kshetra Panchayat member Seshanath Mishra said that the executive engineer was given written and oral information several times, but so far no improvement has been made. Barrister Kushwaha Vyas said that now there is a way of movement.

The 25 KBA transformer at Motipakad Srikanth in Sarojninagar ward of Nagarpalika Hata has been damaged for over two weeks. Nobody is going to take care of it. The townspeople are forced to live in darkness with the scorching heat. Online education of children is also disrupted. He is neither able to charge mobile nor laptop. The problem persists. Sanjay Dubey alias Pappu Baba, Ankit Upadhyay, Suryansh Dwivedi, Ashutosh Dubey, Virendra Dubey of the area have demanded immediate replacement of the defective transformer.

Congress leader Sunil alias Manoj Singh submitted a memorandum to Superintending Engineer Kasya for commissioning the five MBA transformers of the Gurwaliya Power Sub-station. It is said that consumers of Turkapatti and Rajapakad area are troubled by the fault and low voltage due to the failure of the transformer. At present, a feeder from Gurwaliya supplies power to Turkapatti and Rajapakad.