Now there is a demand to open all the markets, the traders of Qila Road united

Rohtak: Now the demand to fully open all the markets of Rohtak has gained momentum. Apart from opening all the markets, traders have said that the time to open shops should be only from 9 am to 7 pm. But in any case the market should open up completely. On the other hand, the Shourie Cloth Market Association has also sought to open all markets.

The meeting was organized under the leadership of Vittu Sachdeva, the head of the Fort Road Bazaar Association. The officials who reached the meeting held on Thursday were consulted whether the markets should be operated according to left-right or fully. Pradhan Vittu has said that all the shopkeepers have said that the time of operation should be from 9 am to 7 pm, but the market should be fully opened. Explaining its benefits, he said that shops of half the markets are crowded due to the rule of left-right. Due to this, continuous action is being taken. During this time Rajkumar, Bishambar Ahuja, Ajay, Gulshan, Sunil Botra, Narendra Kathuria etc. were present. Administration is tight, shopkeepers will hand over the keys like this: Gulshan

Gulshan Ishpuniyani, the head of Shourie Cloth Market, has expressed anger that the administration’s attitude is not right. Repeated acts of intimidation are being done. Warned that the shopkeepers will soon hand over the keys to the administration if the attitude of the administration is not softened. Expressing displeasure, the markets are being threatened to be closed for three-three days. It has now been decided to ban the entry of two wheelers from the markets. It is also said that shopkeepers go to banks to deposit cash. In this way, the shopkeepers will first go to the parking lot and then come back, this will harm the shopkeepers. It is also said that the police and municipal administration should make better arrangements themselves.