Offensive comment to hurt religious sentiment, commotion

A Muslim youth resident of Gauradad in Antu police station area had commented on Facebook for hurting religious sentiments. On Saturday, the outrage spread among the people after knowing about it. Villagers rushed to encircle the accused’s house shouting slogans. Police reached the spot and persuaded the people and removed them. After taking the accused young man into custody, he went to the police station. Villagers have demanded a case against the accused.

Gauradad resident Nafees Ahmed son Arshad Ali keeps posting objectionable posts on social media for hurting religious sentiments. It is alleged that he had posted an objectionable attack on the Ram temple being built in Ayodhya on Facebook on Friday. On Saturday, when the people of Gauradad saw the said post, there was outrage among them.

Around nine o’clock on Saturday morning, two dozen villagers shouted the slogan of Jayashreeram, reached the house of the accused Nafees and surrounded his house and started committing a ruckus. On receiving information about the apprehension of ruckus in two communities, PRV and Antu SO Manoj Tiwari reached the spot with the force. The SO first inquired about the entire case from the angry villagers and then pacified the villagers by assuring action against the accused. After this, SO detained Nafees and sent them to the police station in a hurry, which averted the ruckus.

The SO, while explaining to the villagers, said to give Tahrir against the accused. The villagers alleged in the Tahrir given to the police that a cleric lives in a nearby mosque, who also worships the mike without permission. At the behest of the said maulvi, Nafees and his companions post objectionable days against Hindu religion. Tahrir has been signed by one and a half dozen villagers including Alok Singh, Ashish Singh, Vivek Singh, Sanjay Singh, Nagendra Singh, Ankul Mishra, Saurabh Singh. The police registered a case against the accused Nafees. In this regard, SO Manoj Tiwari said that Nafees of Gauradad had made objectionable comments on Facebook, which caused outrage among the villagers. The accused youth has been detained. Action will be taken by registering a case against the villagers.