One nation one ration card scheme to be implemented in Chandigarh

The Central Government’s ambitious ration card portability service will also be applicable in one nation-one ration card Chandigarh.

The Central Government’s ambitious ration card portability service ‘One Nation – One Ration Card’ will also be applicable in Chandigarh. The scheme has got the green signal from the central government to implement in Chandigarh. With 20 states and union territories, now the name of Chandigarh has also been included in the list to be launched. Rationcard pilot projects were underway in many states alike.

The process of making ration cards has also been completed in states like Haryana, Gujarat. Now all the families of Chandigarh will get this ration card. The scheme was to be launched nationwide from June 1. But the corona epidemic has not yet been launched.

Migrant laborers will benefit

The direct benefit of this new scheme will be for those migrants who leave their original residence and live in other states. Being a ration card native, they did not get ration and other facilities in the migrating state. The lack of such planning was felt during the Corona epidemic. With no ration, thousands of migrants migrated from the cities to their native habitats. More than 50 thousand people have migrated from Chandigarh alone. The reason for the exodus of most of them was that they did not even have ration to eat due to the closure of business. However, the central government later ordered to give ration to the people without even ration cards. By that time it was too late.

Ration card will have ten digits as Aadhaar

Ration card portability service, no matter the person resides in any state, there will be no need to get a ration card again. States and union territories will issue 10-digit ration cards. In which the first two digits will be the state or UT code. The next digits will correspond to the ration card number. In this, the next two digits will be included in the ration card as the identity of each family member.

The process of giving benefits to ration card beneficiaries in Chandigarh will now begin soon. Chandigarh will also join a nation of central government a ration card scheme. It has been approved. Now the process of making ration cards will begin. After this scheme, irrespective of the residents of Chandigarh, they will not need to go and get a ration card. They will start getting all the mills with this ration card.