Painkillers Disadvantage

There is a saying that well-being is equal to thousands of values. The changing lifestyle and the masculinity of life have connected our relationship with pain. Pain has become an important part of our life. Often people complain of body pain, back pain, neck pain, knee pain etc. To relieve this pain, people consider Painkiller medicine as the best option. Painkiller medicines are always present in women’s bags. As soon as there was a slight pain in the body, these women immediately remove the painkiller from the bag and immediately get stuck.

But if you also do this then be careful because the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence of Nice says that paracetamol or ibuprofen used in painkillers can relieve pain or not, but these medicines Can cause heavy damage to the body. Nice has issued a guideline, advising doctors not to prescribe medicines with painkillers in case of chronic pain.

Health experts in Nice have said that paracetamol or ibuprofen medicines cause more harm than relief to the body in pain. Nice has stated in its guideline that there is strong evidence that these medicines can cause great harm to the body. It says that there is no evidence that pain is affected by taking painkillers.

Half of people are unable to work due to excess pain

The guideline states that it is inappropriate to give paracetamol or ibuprofen to patients in chronic pain. It states that chronic pain is a condition in itself, in which it cannot be understood by other treatment or symptoms. Doctors generally consider chronic pain that has been occurring for three to six months and is not completely correct. That is, chronic pain from six months is called chronic pain. It is difficult to treat such pain with medication, and emotionally unhappiness is characterized by functional disability. Nice says that one-third to half of the population suffers from chronic pain. Half of these people become a victim of depression and two-thirds also quit working due to this pain.

How to get rid of chronic pain:

Exercise – Nice has suggested that it is better to do regular exercise in case of chronic pain than taking painkillers. Include walking, running, swimming, yoga and dancing in daily life. If your days are going very bad and do not feel like doing any work, then also do these exercises and yoga.

Go to work – I do not feel like working in pain situations, but the way to deal with it is to go to work because if you do not go to work then the body will become gross and many other problems will occur.

Physical therapy- Guideline states that do light light exercise daily. If the pain is more, then do physio regularly for a few days under the supervision of physiotherapist.