Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas Family Photo

Celebrity couple Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas have named a new dog, which they have named Panda. Actress Priyanka Chopra and her singer husband Nick Jonas have raised a new dog. The dog is named ‘Panda’. They have taken to social media to introduce themselves to their fans. This is a Husky Australian Shepherd Mix breed dog. ‘

While sharing a picture of Nick with all his dogs, Priyanka wrote on Instagram, ‘Our new family photo! Welcome to the family, Panda! We adopted it a few weeks ago. We were sure he was a Australian Shepherd Mix !!! ‘ In the picture, Priyanka also has another bitch Diana, who appears to be photoshopped.

Priyanka paid attention to it and wrote, ‘If there was no @diariesofdiana in our small photoshoot, we brought it!’ Commenting on Priyanka’s post, actor Octavia Spencer wrote, ‘Very cute !!!’ Actor Kate Bosworth commented, ‘I recognize those eyes.’ Priyanka is living with Nick in the US but she is in constant contact with her family in India through Zoom. In a recent interview, Priyanka said, ‘Because of asthma and my husband’s type 1 diabetic, we have to be more careful but there have been many zoom calls and zoom brunches. We actually have many friends and family and a lot of people in the family have birthdays that have happened recently, so have some lunch by making some social distance. ‘

Priyanka has several projects, including The White Tiger, We Can Be Heroes, Ma Anand Sheela biopic, a romantic comedy with Mindy Kaling, Richard Madden and the Amazon show with Matrix 4. Priyanka’s previous film was with Farhan Akhtar and it was a flop.