Property of the main accused in the Anshu murder case in Sonbhadra will be attached, notice of paste on the house

SP leader and advocate Anshu Rai will attach the property of accused Jitendra alias Rajan Singh, who has entered the world of Jarayam in the district by committing the murder. The police team led by Inspector-in-Charge Anjani Kumar Rai on Monday attached a notice of attachment at his Bichpai home. Action will be taken to seize the property on Tuesday.

SP leader and advocate Anshu Rai was shot dead near the Rabatganj Mahila police station. In this case, the name of Jitendra alias Rajan Singh, resident of Bichapai village of Rabtsganj Kotwali, came up as the main accused. The case is being heard in the court. After this incident, Rajan Singh’s name rapidly emerged in the world of Jarayam in the district. The police is investigating the cases by registering an FIR against him after Rajan’s name was mentioned in one of about 10 incidents. A gangster case is also going on against him. After the killing of eight police personnel including the jurisdiction officer in Kanpur district, the state government has taken strict steps against the culprits. Before this, the property of a person accused of drug trafficking and a person detained in a gangster case has been attached to Nagar Panchayat Renukoot chairman five and Dala resident of the murder case. Inspector in-charge Anjani Kumar Rai told that Notice of attachment has been posted on Rajan Singh’s house in Bichapai. His land is also in the village of Cat-Markundi and Rump. He will be seized in favor of the government. The proceedings of the chanting will be carried out on August 11 in the presence of the magistrate. Rajan Singh has also been made District Badar.

135 criminals will have property confiscated

On the instructions of the Superintendent of Police, a list of 135 criminals of the district has been made. This list includes those involved in serious crimes like murder, rape, robbery, robbery, drug trafficking. The SP has made a horoscope of one-on-one offenses with superintendents of police, jurisdictions, in-charge of police stations and sub-inspectors. After making the list, one by one, the movable real estate of these criminals is being checked and seized.