Railway is making good use of PSC sleeper from the track, this is being constructed along the side wall Prayagraj News

The railway will now build a wall with the pre-stressed concrete (PSC) sleeper that has come off the railway track. By doing this, these sleepers will be put to good use. There will be protection from this wall being built on the side of the track from the PSC sleeper and the chances of accidents will also be reduced. A wall has also been constructed around Subedarganj station.

Sleepers removed during track upgrade

Actually, a large amount of unusable sleepers have been removed during the renovation of the track. Where they lay there, now these sleepers will be used to build walls along the tracks. Apart from this, solar parks will be installed on vacant land along the track under PPP scheme. GM Rajiv Chaudhary said this in a review meeting on Tuesday about speeding up of safety, locking and trains up to 160 kmph through video conferencing.

GM Rajeev Chaudhary said

GM Rajeev Chaudhary said that the lands of the railway will be utilized properly. To increase the speed of trains, a committee should be constituted under the chairmanship of Additional General Manager Ranjan Yadav. GM instructed not to double loading.

Cleanliness done at Prayagraj Junction

Cleanliness Week is being celebrated at Prayagraj Junction with the aim of keeping the railway premises clean. Under the direction of DRM Amitabh this week, the railway team will do special cleaning of lines and platforms. The campaign will run until 16 August.