Rain brought relief from the heat, the roads became pits

Nangal: Five days after the monsoon rains in the city have brought relief from the humid heat. The heavy rain that started at around 9 am affected the movement of waterlogging in many places. Due to lack of water drainage, people were disturbed on the bridges of the canals in the city. The pedestrians had to wait a long time. On the other hand, the deep hole lying on the road broken due to the under construction forelane flyover in front of the truck union was filled with water. Due to this, people going towards the railway road here looked very upset.

Despite repeated demands, the roads in the truck union area are not being rebuilt, but the pits are not being filled on one side. Not only this, on the C-88 gate of the Northern Railway, a deep hole has been assumed once again as a pond for almost two months. The driver and the city dweller driving on the National Highway were seen very disturbed while passing through here. Demand to improve the condition of shabby roads

The people of the area, Praveen Kumar Dwivedi, Suresh Prabhakar, Raj Kumar, Pramod Puri, Nanak Singh, Vinod Parashar, PK Dutta, Ram Kumar Sharma raised the demand for improving the condition of the dilapidated roads, saying that it is surprising that due to the under-construction flyover Broken road routes are not being repaired. In such a situation, the number of people who are troubled every day due to dilapidated roads is in thousands. Due to heavy rains, the number of pits has increased due to waterlogging on the route passing above the NFL Chowk of Nangal Dam and near Anandi Sahib Hydel Channel Head Works near ITI near Dam.