Rika and Kika in fun, Jennifer’s bat too

Bengal Safari Park is closed for five months

Jagli animals are having fun

-No crowd of people nor any teaser

-Cool-cool, cool-cool feeling on ice blocks, bittersweet Jagran correspondent, Siliguri: Dhruv, Jennifer, Phurbu and Daddy are all in fun. Enjoying cool, cool-cool by rolling over ice blocks. Rika-kika does not even take the name of getting out of the waterfall. Every time you are engaged in Chhai-Chhappa-Chhai, Chhappak-Chhai. Hammers also swing. Whereas Sheila is expecting. Mostly dense trees keep resting in the trees only. Vivan is involved in walking. Everyone is cool. Fun with fun Absolutely stress free life. In the severe crisis of Corona virus infection (Kovid-19), this view is not among humans but between wild animals.

Jee Ha, a huge view of the huge North Bengal Wild Animals Park (Bengal Safari) spread over 297 hectares on the Sevak Road, along the Pach Mile, a little away from Siliguri town, is such a sight these days. Due to Corona crisis and lockdown crisis, this park has been closed for almost five months. Because of this, the movement of humans is absent here. There is no noise, no teaser. That is why wild animals are in full toss fun. Photos and videos of their mutual habitations and masts have also been posted on social media by Bengal Safari Park, which people are enjoying very much.

It has been said by the Bengal Safari Management that Sheela, a female Royal Bengal tiger brought here from the Nandankanan Zoological Park in Odisha, is expecting these days. Soon she is going to give birth to the cub. For this reason, Sheila’s hospitality and khadmat have also been increased. There is an atmosphere of happiness in the Bengal Safari family on the hope of new good news. At the same time, the male Tiger Vivan, brought from Tata Zoological Park (Jharkhand), is also moving freely throughout the Tiger Safari Park area. Two more cubs, Tiger Reeka and Kika, are also very active among themselves. They both enjoy taking a lot of fun in the waterfall and take a great swing on the bath and swing. Five bears have come from Padmaja Naidu Park

Along with this, Bear Dhruv, Jennifer, Daddy and Phurbu, who come here from Padmaja Naidu Zoological Park (DaĆ­ Jaling), also have a lot of fun. They, however, have come from the evergreen litigants of the ever-cool Da Jaling Mountains, so here they are disturbed in the hot summer. In such a situation, the snow safes have been arranged by the Bengal Safari Management to keep them feeling cool-cool, cool-cool, which they are enjoying very much. Monopoly over every tree

Apart from this, the sweet chirping of different birds and the jumping of monkeys on every tree and the swarm of deer that have been mowing down in the forest, Bengal Bengal Safari is fully buzzing these days.