Sachin Pilot gets bluntly by Congress high command

In Rajasthan, the Congress is trying to save both its government and its clan. Sachin Pilot, who is upset with Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, has not yet accepted. It is now reported that three demands have been placed by the Congress high command on behalf of Sachin Pilot and on two of these the Congress is also seen agreeing.

According to Congress sources, there has been a demand from Sachin Pilot that he be made the Chief Minister, Avinash Pandey should be removed immediately from the post of in-charge of Rajasthan and his colleagues should get an important place in the cabinet. Now Congress is ready to accept two of these demands, but the churning is still going on for the post of Chief Minister.

Meanwhile, all the MLAs who have not attended the Congress Legislature Party meeting on Tuesday, the party will send notice to them.

Let us tell you that there is a continuous claim from the Congress that the high command has talked to Sachin Pilot several times so far. On behalf of the Congress, Sachin Pilot was asked to attend the legislature party meeting in Jaipur. But Sachin Pilot and his supporters did not agree on this.

On the one hand, there is a demand for the removal of Ashok Gehlot from the Sachin Pilot faction, on the other hand, all the MLAs have claimed the support of Ashok Gehlot in the meeting of the Legislature Party released in Jaipur. In such a situation, there is no discussion on change in leadership in the Congress Legislature Party meeting.

Also, it is being claimed by the Sachin Pilot faction that the Congress high command has not spoken to them, nor their words are being heard. The Sachin Pilot faction has spoken of the support of around 22 MLAs. Many MLAs and ministers are continuously opening a front against Ashok Gehlot on social media. Earlier it was also revealed that the Home and Finance Ministry has been sought by Sachin Pilot for his supporters.