School Education

Government has not been sanctioning the post for a long time, second grade teacher is teaching English in 11th, 12th
No English lecturers to teach in 11th, 12th in about 7 thousand schools

Mahatma Gandhi English Medium Schools have been started in the Education Department in 33 district headquarters in the last education session and 167 blocks in this session. English schools will be taught in classes 1 to 8 at class 1 to 9 and 167 block level in 33 schools of the districts. Parents have a tendency to get children admitted in these schools. On the other hand, about 7 thousand schools running in the state since 2015 do not have lecturers of English to teach in 11th, 12th. In these schools only the second grade teachers are teaching English in 11th and 12th.

In fact, in the new staffing pattern implemented from April 2015, only three elective subject lecturers posts have been given except for compulsory Hindi and English in newly promoted senior secondary schools. Provision has been made in this pattern itself that after three years there will be 80 students in class 11 and 12, English, Hindi will be given mandatory lecturer posts. After 2015, more than 7 thousand senior secondary schools have been formed. Of these, the student count is more than 80. But the posts of compulsory lecturers in English, Hindi have not been approved. Students have to bear the brunt.

Not being subject matter experts remains weak
, because of not being subject matter experts, students studying in government schools have weak English. Already, very few students take English literature after tenth. About ten thousand students have appeared for English Literature examination this year. Due to weak English, they have to face difficulty in many examinations after passing 12th.

The option of private school remains
, after class X, students have the option of private school to study good English. Although the fees there are quite high. Most of the students taking board exams with English subjects are from private schools. Subject experts suggest that there should be a lecturer in 12th standard. This will improve students’ English and they will also get opportunities.

^ New staffing pattern is approved from CM, Administrative Reforms Department and Finance Department. Under its Rule 6-2, the posts of lecturers of English and Hindi compulsory should be approved.
-Mahendra Pandey, General Secretary, Rajasthan Primary and Secondary Teachers Association