School stuck on selling expensive books, order of action

Bareilly. A parent’s complaint investigation of selling expensive books from school was found to be correct. When the authorities asked the school management to show the recognition papers, the management could not show any evidence. Now preparations are being made against the school.

There was a complaint of selling books at prices higher than the actual price at the Creation School near Chaudhary Pond. A parent told DIOS that Rs 2800 worth of three books have been recovered from him. The DIOS investigated this with the acting Principal of GIC Kusum Rajput. The investigation found the allegations to be true. On this, the manager was called and asked to show the papers of recognition, but he could not show any paper. Now the DIOS has sent a report to the BSA for action in this matter. School Manager Tarun Jagota says that the school was earlier operated as the Creationics Public School. He has his recognition, But last year, the school was renamed Creatics International. An application has been made for its recognition. No recognition papers have been received yet. On the sale of books, he said that books have not been sold from the school campus. The school is closed due to the lockdown. Online classes are in progress. The book seller kept the books in school.