Scope of authorization investigation limited to one unit

After the accident in the factory under construction at Sector-11, the scope of investigation of the authority has been limited to only one industrial unit. The reason for the factory collapse was also illegal construction, while in Phase-1 industrial sector, building manuals are being violated in thousands of industrial units from Sector-1 to 11. Their allocation dates back to 2000. Till now no action has been ensured by the authority. It is being said that just a change in the policy of the Industrial Act.

Significantly, on 20 April 2017, a huge fire broke out in the same company making CFLs and LED bulbs in the same Sector-11. Six people, including the company’s HR, were killed in the incident. During that time, the government took strict action on the accident and investigated it. After this, a campaign was carried out with the authority, fire department and the district administration regarding fire NOC. Notice was issued to hundreds of companies, But the action did not take place. With this, a campaign was conducted against coaching centers regarding fire NOC even after the Surat accident. Many centers were sealed and many were issued notices to conform to the system standards. In the present accident, two laborers died. The reason for this was not to leave the land of illegal construction and setback empty. Also, negligence has been revealed during construction. Even after issuing notices to units in the industrial sector, investigation has remained limited to only one company. On Tuesday, there was a pile of saris on the road. It has not been removed yet. At the same time, residential activity in the industrial sector is being done indiscriminately. Many buildings are shabby

The allocation of units in the industrial sector dates back to pre-2000. Most of the units here also have functional certificates dating back to 1990. The buildings of the units have not been repaired yet. In such a situation, illegal construction can become the cause of accidents.

Illegal construction was happening, where was Supervision

There is a Supervision Department of the Authority, in which officers of lower engineer level constantly monitor illegal construction. In case of illegal construction, the information is given by the supervisor to the top officials. After this, the allottee is issued a notice. Construction was being done openly here.