Shopkeepers erupted on the condition of opening the market

Rajouri: District Commissioner Muhammad Nazir Sheikh issued an order to open the markets on Wednesday night, but when it was time to open the markets on Thursday morning, the administration and the shopkeepers came face to face with the decision. . The shopkeepers refused to accept the terms of the order and said that the shops had been closed for more than a month. Now if the market is open then it will be fully open. During this, some shopkeepers’ police personnel and officers also debated. After that, all the shops which were open in the markets were also closed by the shopkeepers.

First, all the shopkeepers gathered at the town hall and then a meeting started with Additional District Commissioner Thakur Sher Singh and Tehsildar Rafiq Chowdhury at the City Police Post, but the meeting did not yield results. Then in the evening there was a meeting of shopkeepers with District Commissioner Muhammad Nazir Sheikh at the District Secretariat, in which the shopkeepers said that instead of opening the shops on the right-hand side, Pura Bazaar should be opened. On this, the District Commissioner said that a decision will be taken soon in this regard. The shopkeepers put their demands before the District Commissioner. The District Commissioner said that the move was taken in view of the increasing cases of corona. The demand of your people will be considered and a new order will be issued soon. After which shopkeepers said that they will follow the order issued on Sunday. After that the order to open all the shops is issued otherwise we will not open the shops.

The order, which was issued by the administration on Wednesday night, said that all shops will open from Friday, but one day all shops will open on the right side and the other day shops on the left. Shops of grocery, fruit, vegetable, meat and milk vendors will open from 10 am to 2 pm and other shops from 2 pm to 6 pm. But the shopkeepers flatly refused to accept the decision. Police and paramilitary hair deployed

Seeing the tension during the protest, the administration deployed police and paramilitary forces in the markets. All the routes entering the city were sealed. Police officials and jawans were on alert in view of the fury of the shopkeepers. But nowhere was the situation uncontrolled.