Sidhi society launched a campaign to save literature and culture

On the formation of Sidhi Academy in Jharkhand, State President of Uttar Pradesh Sidhi Yuva Samaj, Om Prakash Omi, on Tuesday launched an online awareness campaign about Save Sidhiyat. The language, literature, culture of the Sidhi society are being saved under this campaign. He said that the 24 districts of Jharkhand province have a significant number of Sidhi society. To keep language, literature and culture alive, the Government of Jharkhand should set up the Sidhi Academy. With this, the promotion of Sidhi language can be spread. He said that soon a delegation of Sidhi Samaj will meet the Governor of Jharkhand and the Chief Minister of Jharkhand for the formation of the academy. He said that the shape of Uttar Pradesh Sidhi youth society will be of national level. Vinod Tirthani, Kailash Madhyan, Sanjay, young social worker of Sidhi Samaj, Sanjay Khatri, Vasudev Tirthani, Priya Devi, Rajesh Madhyan, Payal Tirthani etc. discussed in detail.