Skin irritation during shaving may cause razor burn problem, know how to get rid of it

Does your skin feel irritated or too many cuts during shaving? If this is happening then you have a problem with the burn burn. You will know some tips, which you can try and get rid of this problem to a great extent.

Aloe vera

Apply aloe vera gel. This will not only remove the itching that occurs after the razor cuts, but will also help in filling the cuts. Aloe vera has many anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Apart from this, aloe vera also helps to retain and nourish skin moisture.

Make Ice Massage

However, this remedy has no relation to healing of the wound. But this gives great relief when the razor cuts. This stops bleeding. Due to which coolness is felt in the skin.

Coconut oil is beneficial

Whether it is a problem of rashes, spots, irritation, itching, coconut oil gives relief. While razor burns may not relieve pain when coconut oil is applied, but the healing process wounds up quickly. Apart from this, coconut oil also acts as an antiseptic. It helps to keep the skin away from harmful germs. Massage of coconut oil on the skin keeps the skin soft and moist.

T-bag will give relief

A lot of nutrients and anti-oxidants are found in tea leaves. These anti-oxidants relieve every kind of problem in the skin. Whether it is skin irritation or razor burn. These help to speed up the healing process of skin wounds. Use cold T-bags for this, but note that these T-bags are not more than 2 or 3 days old. Wash these bags, after washing, apply them directly to the cut wound for at least 10 minutes. Do this process daily for few days. You will see razor burn healing in a few days.

pay attention

Grooming expert Liaquat Ali explains that this razor burn problem involves not making foam properly, using old blades, not preparing the skin correctly, putting too much pressure on the razor for close shave. Small razor burns may take one to two days to recover, but larger barns take longer.

Disclaimer: These home remedies work like a basic skincare routine. If the razor burn problem is not corrected for some reasons, consult a dermatologist immediately.