Solitude is necessary to focus on the highest priorities of life

William Wordsworth has written, “When we are away from ourselves for a long time, we are exhausted by the happiness of the world at the rapid pace and things, then how relaxed is solitude?” When was the last time you took time to be quiet and quiet? When did it happen in the past when you took time to enjoy the power of solitude to surround yourself, save, revive, and re-focus your attention?

The importance of solitude makes me think of an old employee of a lighthouse. The man had only a small amount of oil left to burn his torch, so that he could warn the incoming ships to save it from the rocky beach. One night when a man living nearby needed this valuable item, the light house worker gave him some oil from him. Another night a traveler requested a little oil.

The protector of the light house forgot its priority

The light house worker accepted his prayer and gave him oil as per his requirement. The next night a mother-in-law knocked on the door and she woke up. Mother prayed for some oil so that she could light it in her house. The employee also agreed to him and soon the entire oil ran out and the torch was extinguished. Many ships sank. Many lives came to an end, as the protector of the light house had forgotten its priority. Indeed, he disregarded his most primordial duty and had to pay for it. If you experience solitude even for a few minutes in a day, it will help you to focus your attention on the highest priorities of your life, so that we do not be careless in any work of life.

-Robin Sharma (Who Will Cry When You Die- Sincerely Since Book)

Select your 5 preferences

Well-known management guru Peter Bragman has written the book ’18 Minutes-Find Your Focus, Master Destruction and Get the Right Thing’. He recommends choosing his five priorities. You should be around them around 95 percent of the time. If you understand what things are giving you pleasure, making you feel at ease, giving you strength and meaningfulness in life then it becomes easy to set priorities:

1. Maintaining your health and happiness – This is the top priority. Certain things have a direct impact on your happiness, so they should be the first priority. Like- sleep, workout, creative work, self-development and your relationships.

2. Family and then extended family i.e. friends and community. Remember, if you pay attention to children, they will grow up and contribute to the creation of a good family and environment. Will stay together as a shield of the family.

3. Working on your contacts and networking.

4. Have to decorate the job with a lot of love. According to this, you have to enrich yourself. It not only brings respect in the society, it also plays an important role in your personal development.

5. Contributing to community service. Participation in related activities. Work regularly on the above priorities. Remember, quality of life depends on your priorities.