Stars shocked by the demise of Sameer Sharma, expressed grief on social media

‘Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki’ fame TV actor Sameer Sharma committed suicide by hanging himself at his home in Mumbai. The Malad Police has registered an ADR in the case. Hearing the news of the actor’s death, the entire TV industry is in awe and the celebs are mourning by posting on social media. Riya Sen, Mansi Parekh, Sveta Rohira and other artists have posted on social media.

On Instagram Story, Varun Dhawan has written about Sameer Sharma that God bless your soul. Varun has also shared an old picture of Sameer. Apart from Varun Dhawan, actor Siddharth Malhotra also wrote about Sameer’s demise on Instagram. She shared a picture of Sameer and wrote- It is very sad and unfortunate.

Riya Sen has tweeted on Twitter in which she wrote, “One more sad and unfortunate loss. My condolences to the family of Sameer Verma.” Actress Mansi Parekh also tweeted about it and wrote, “Rest in Peace Sameer Sharma … Only you will know what was your reason for taking your life. I had fun shooting TV show four with you. Years spent. ”

Actress Shweta Rohira wrote, “Ishwar Sameer Sharma’s soul will be comforted. Your memories will be missed. Prayers for your near and dear ones to recover from this loss. This is very unfortunate. The order of stress and suicides is increasing rapidly in the society.” Maybe we all need to think very seriously about this. Not just thinking but also taking action. ”

Pooja Joshi, who plays his wife on Sameer’s show, said, “I am very shocked after this news. I never thought that he could do something like this. When I heard this news, my hands and feet are cold Went and then I thought that this is fake news because fake news of his death has come before. I remember my sister asked me if this guy was dead? And I said no she is alive and our show Works for. ”

Must have done suicide two-three days ago

Please tell that according to the police, the actor committed suicide 2-3 days ago. Because when the police arrived inside the flat, the body had started decomposing. According to Malad Police, Sameer had rented this apartment in February this year. On night duty on Wednesday, the watchman saw the dead body of Sameer Sharma hanging.