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The world is affected by the corona virus epidemic. It has also affected businesses and jobs. This year, appointments are decreasing in every sector compared to last year. However, some companies have started hiring. Experts believe that the job prospects will increase in the coming time. Companies are giving more priority to virtual interviews over physical interviews. Sudeep Sen, business head of industrial manufacturing, engineering and general staffing company Team Lease, says currently 75 per cent of hiring is through video interviews.

According to Sen, where earlier video interviews were used for the initial rounds, now Google hangouts, teams and zoom are being resorted to to maintain physical distance. Many companies, including Amazon, L’Oreal, MasterCard, Gradeup, are now doing virtual interviews. Kripa Shankar Singh, training and placement officer of IIT Patna, says that virtual interviews are becoming very common these days. In such a situation, it is important that you prepare for the virtual interview better –

Check your technology

In a new appointment, the company assesses the technical ability of an employee. During the virtual interview, the hiring manager checks your technology capability. Therefore, it is very important to check your equipment better before making a call, so that any technical drawback can be avoided. Kripa Shankar Singh says that if the video of your video conferencing software is not coming right or the audio is bad then you must buy an external webcam or microphone. Also, check your internet connection. In-between call disconnection experience is not good.

Singh, the training and placement officer of IIT Patna, says to practice virtual interview first, it is very important. In a virtual interview, you have control over what the interviewee can see, so take advantage of this advantage. Experts say that you have to think properly what the interviewee will see. In a physical interview, you have to think about what to wear and how to sit in a chair, but in a virtual interview you also have to think about the setting. Your background should be something that says something about your personality. Therefore, keep any artwork in the background that you like or a book that says about your personality. Also, keep in mind that there is no such thing in the background, which gives attention.

Download these things before the interview-

Try to learn the platform before the interview. Many times during the interview the person comes to know that they need to download the program or they have some technical problems in the process. Because of this, their first meeting gets spoiled and they are delayed in the interview. Apart from this, prepare for mock interview.

Better location

Singh says that the candidate should choose a room where the light comes better. Place the camera in front of the plane wall. Close the doors and windows. Turn off the TV, switch the mobile to silent mode.

Keep your virtual identity easy

In the current digital world, your email address and user name are your first impressions. In this case, keep your email and username handy. Also, avoid naming any nickname or any star or detective in it.

Get information about company

Find out about the company. See how you can attract them with your skill. To do this you can watch some of their videos. Read online reviews of their current employees, read the website and check their social media. Similarly, you can find out about the interviewer from LinkedIn. If you have previously worked in one company, you will be able to take advantage of it. Kripa Shankar explains that it is very important for the employer to ensure that you are in tune with the culture of the company or not. In such a situation, during your conversation, you must tell them what you can contribute to the institute.

Keep your body language better

Better body language is the most important part of any interview. In such a situation, take special care of your body language during the virtual interview. Many times we are less attentive in video conferencing interviews than in virtual interviews. But even in this interview, your gesture and presentation are very important. Show confidence, sit upright, smile and hold the camera in front of your eyes. You should also pay attention to what the background will look like on the camera. Everything behind you should be clean. It should not be that clothes are scattered behind you. It is important to clean it before the interview. Also, make sure that your room has adequate lighting. Kripa Shankar Singh, training and placement officer of IIT Patna, says to dress well for a virtual interview. Professional attire shows how serious you are for the interview. He suggests that you are on a computer,

Questions asked during the interview

The training and placement officer said that these questions are likely to be asked in the interview. In this case, prepare it in advance-

-Send something about yourself

-why should we hire you

Where do you see yourself in the next five to ten years

-What do you know about the company

– Tell us about your weakness / strength

– Describe the biggest professional achievement of your life

-Describe the biggest challenge during the work and how to face it.

– Explain why you are leaving your current job