Strike of Transporters

The Mini Transport Union has also given its support in support of the three-day strike of the transporters. Transporters also staged a sit-in at Hatia intersection in Fistganj. Also shouted slogans showing solidarity. In the meantime, to curb the rising prices of diesel, like the Delhi government, the Uttar Pradesh government also demanded a cut.

Essential items like milk, fruits etc. are not included in the strike

The meeting of the Prayagraj Transport Union took place at the Union Office at Fisthaganj. Presiding over the meeting, Amar Vaishya Munna Bhaiya said that the transport of essential commodities like milk, fruits etc. has not been included in the heavy vehicle strike. He said that in view of the problem of heavy vehicle owners, the Delhi government has cut the price of diesel by about nine rupees. The state government should also cut the price of diesel on the lines of Delhi government. Apart from this, the road tax of June was also demanded to be waived.

Bole, President of Mini Transport Union

Parmanand Tripathi alias Sonta Swamy, president of Mini Transport Union, lent his support to the strike. He said that mini transporters are also involved in the strike of transporters. Santosh Agarhari, Krishnanand Tripathi, Feroze Ali, Uday Johri, Shubham Kesarwani etc. were present on the occasion in the meeting.