Study Material

July is about to pass, but so far students of council schools have not been able to get complete books. So far, only 80 percent of the books have been received by the department, while 60 percent of them have been distributed to schools. The remaining books are awaited.

In order to keep children safe in the Corona era, the priority of the government was that schools should remain closed, but books should be delivered to the students in time so that their studies are not affected and that they stay home and complete their course with online and self-learning Can. For this purpose, a new session was also started in the council schools from April 1 and there were orders to distribute books from June. But the publishers could not supply the books in time, due to which it is delayed.

This is the state of the district

BSA Rajiv Kumar Yadav said that the supply of 1942226 books of more than two lakh 34 thousand students of the district was ordered. Of them, 1562557 books have come so far, which is around 80 percent. Out of these, 1260000 (65 per cent) books have been distributed to schools. The books received are mostly from Agra publishers, while books from outside publishers are taking time to arrive. However work is expected to be completed by 31 July.

Same situation in secondary

In secondary schools too, the government had ordered stalls to be distributed in June so that students can start studying. But neither the department showed interest, nor did the schools. Although some students brought books from the book stall, but still there all the students have not taken the books, due to which their studies are being affected.