Sweat will not cause makeup bad, maintain makeup for a long time

In this hot season of summer and rain, it does not take even minutes for this makeup to flow through sweat. In such a situation, some very easy steps can be taken to maintain makeup on the face for a long time.

1. Make the skin cool

After washing the face thoroughly, it is most important to cool it with the help of ice pads or ice rollers. Massage the face for 1-2 minutes and leave it for five minutes. By providing coolness to the skin, it will help in shrinking the pores of the skin follicles and at the same time controlling the formation of excessive oil in the skin.

2. Use of toner is necessary

Use any toner according to your face. Those who have oily skin can use oil free toner, those who have dry skin can apply hydrating toner.

3. Always use primer

It is extremely important to use gel / silicone based primer to make the skin surface smooth. This makes makeup on the face well and lasts for a long time.

4. Oil free, waterproof product

Oily or cream-based makeup gets carried away easily with sweat. Therefore, use a waterproof or matte formula to keep the makeup on the face longer. With this, you will be able to keep yourself attractive for a long time.

5. Bloating Techniques

Be sure to apply the blotting powder after applying makeup on the face and before spraying the setting spray. If you have not used foundation, then blotting paper can also be used easily during this time.