Telecom tower fraud is not taking the name of stop, this is how common people are hunted

In the last one month, with the expose of two gang raiding towers in two states of the country, it is clear that despite all efforts of the government, there is no cut in this problem in the world’s second largest telecom market. As telecom companies are insisting on installing more and more towers to strengthen mobile networks across the country, fraudsters are also becoming active in its name.

Seeing the seriousness of the situation, the organization of telecom companies COAI has once again decided to conduct awareness campaign for this at the national level. Under this, customers will be informed that the operation of the tower is organized in an organized manner and its contract is not given to small companies. COAI says that soon after the start of 5G, about one lakh new towers are to be installed in the country annually, in such a situation, the general public has to be cautious.

There are currently 5.90 lakh mobile towers in India. Last year alone, 66,690 towers were erected by mobile companies. Fraud gangs call people and offer them to invest in towers. It has been seen many times that local level gangs are also involved in this, who are aware of the land of the people, etc. An offer is made to install the tower on their behalf and an advance is sought in lieu of this. The gang disappears after transferring money to a particular account on-line.

Take the Director General of COAI. General Dr. SP Kochhar says, ‘Telecom companies are trying to provide the best service to Indian customers. We want to tell the general public that the mobile tower is either directly provided by the mobile service provider or by a contractor company named on its behalf. I request that if such a person is contacted, he should first get the right information by calling our website or toll free number 14404 and 1800-11-4000. Only with the support of the general public can we stop this fraud. Telecom companies are constantly installing new towers to provide best service.

COAI says that from the information received from their member companies, it seems that the highest number of towers are happening in Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra. The funny thing is that apart from India, towers are also found in America, Canada, Australia, UK and New Zealand.