The only objective of the Kurmi society is the all-round development of the society

Manoharpur: Sankirtan Mahato, president of the Kurmi Samaj Manoharpur, Anandpur unit and spokesman Kalidas Mahato said that we are not outsiders. We are local residents of Jharkhand. The main objective of the Kurmi society is to remove all evils and superstitions, all round development of the society, OBC has to provide 27 percent reservation in quality education and government jobs. Mahato and Kalidas Mahato, the sankirtan of the Kurmi community, said the above in a press release on Tuesday. He said that the objective of the Kurmi social organization is that not only the Kurmi caste but all the communities under OBC should get the benefit of quality education and 27 percent reservation in government jobs. He said that this proposed demand has been made in collaboration with the Kurmi Samaj and the OBC Samaj. Which is also included in the election manifesto of the current government. While giving the edge to this fight for its right, the Kurmi and OBC society will put forward this demand before the present government.