The ordinance of barrier free agricultural trade has opened up markets for us all over the country.

The ordinance of barrier-free agricultural trade has opened up markets for us all over the country. That is, now we can sell our crop anywhere outside the notified mandis. Can contract with any company. Can take the produce to any market. No matter how developed the mandis of Haryana are, but even today, it seems that we are tied. The crop can be sold in this market. Can’t go out If there is an attempt to sell the crop outside, then officers harass on the way. But now this will not happen. Earlier, farmers could sell their produce in the market itself, but now they can get a fair price by standing and selling their produce anywhere.

I would like to say one thing here. We are free to sell the crop to the cold store. But now their number will also have to increase. Farmers can create cold stores, warehouses, factories by forming their own committee, but much work needs to be done for this. The second important thing is to sell the crop directly to the companies. Companies should take crop directly from the field, this will benefit the farmer. Quality will also improve when companies deal directly. Now farmers have to use means like chemical fertilizer to increase their yield. If the company increases the rate then we will neither use chemical fertilizer and will also give variety. As Madhya Pradesh’s crop gets a price, Haryana will get the same price. Let us understand this with an example.

2967 and 3086 use variety seeds to increase wheat yield. 40 kg of seed is shed in one acre. One bag of DAP, four bags of urea, zinc, sulfur, potash have to be added. Then yields range from 22 to 28 quintals. On the other hand, the quality of the desi 306 variety is good. If you add seeds, it will yield up to eight quintals. If the demand for it increases, the society will also benefit along with the farmer. Demand for good wheat is also increasing at this time. But the farmer should get the price. The central government has taken the right step to strengthen the farmer economically. During the Corona crisis, procurement in the mandis was better. Now these new ordinances have brought new paths. We could never imagine that we would be able to reach the factory. But now it is going to happen.