The tricolor mask came in the market of Prayagraj, matching masks with saris are also free

People around the world are horrified by the global epidemic corona virus. The market is cashing in on every opportunity. These days the demand for mask is the highest. There is a lot of variety in this too. In such a situation, when Independence Day is near, the tricolor mask filled with patriotism has also come in the market. On the other hand, masks of matching colors of sarees are also available for free. This has been done to woo customers. However, the demand is high.

Masks have now come into fashion as well as needed

In the Corona virus era, except medicine, mask, sanitizer and food, there is no one to ask for other items. Only essential items are being purchased. In such a situation, traders are upset seeing the business being affected. Many businessmen have changed their business. At the same time, many traders have jumped into the market of masks. Because the mask has now come in fashion with the need. People are buying masks to match their clothes.

Tricolor mask has more demand

Trader Qadir told that the festival of Independence Day is near, now the tricolor mask has also come in the market. The tricolor mask is being sold in stores from ten rupees to hundred rupees. He said that its demand is also high. Businessmen are also excited by this.

Matching masks with saris in Surat saris are also free

Efforts are also being made to lure customers in view of matching mask demand. Special care has been taken of women in this. Masks like blouses have also come in matching colors in sarees made in Surat. Clothing wholesaler Gurucharan Arora says that masks matching with saris are being given for free. Women are also liking it a lot. Apart from this, young men and women are also taking masks according to the matching of their clothes.