These 7 car air purifiers are priced below 5 thousand, become automatic on-off; Smell-dust-bacteria eliminate and give purified air

The price of ANSIO Car Air Purifier is 3999 rupees, this can also charge the phone.
Nebelr Car Purifier Ionizer Car Starts Automatically Starts

A large range of air purifiers used in home and office are available in the market but they are very large in size, they cannot be carried with them everywhere. In such a situation, if most of the time is spent in driving the car and there is difficulty in breathing in a small amount of pollution or the smell of the cabin of the car is very disturbing, then we have prepared a list of 10 such portable air purifiers, Can be easily used in the car and they have less than 5 thousand …

1. Nebelr Car Purifier Ionizer
Price: Rs 4999

It has been designed in round shape so that it purifies the air in 360 degree area. It can be used in sedans, SUVs and MPVs. It fits into the cup holder of the car. The company claims that it releases negative oxygen ions as well as it has the ability to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, odors and germs present in the cabin of the car. It provides clean air by absorbing dust particles and smoke up to PM2.5 in the air. These are quite beneficial for those who are suffering from allergies, phlegm or asthma. It starts the car and starts itself.

2. Sharp IG-DC2E-B Plasma Cluster
Price: Rs 4890

It is designed in such a way that it fits easily into the cup and bottle holder. This natural plasma cluster is equipped with air purification technology. It also cleans the surface of the dashboard, seats, roof surface with cabin air. The car company claims that it is capable of removing allergens, viruses, microbes and odors present in the air. The company claims that there is no replacement cost for 8 years or 19 thousand hours.

3. Kent Magic Car Air Purifier
Price: Rs 4828 (Tata Click)

This air purifier from Kent is designed in square shape, so that it can be placed on the dashboard of the car. Hepa filters have also been given to remove dust particles, toxic gases. Apart from this, a carbon activated filter is available to eliminate the smell.

4. GoDryft Carbon C4
Price: Rs 4554

It is equipped with attractive and unique design in air purifiers. It has an LCD display, on which information about wind speed gear, humidity, temperature and working state is available. It gets 4 speed winds and 4 modes. It has TVOC sensors, which detect air quality and shift gearing automatically. It gets four layer filters, which eliminate many harmful elements including PM2.5 dust particles, ammonia, benzene, dust, bacteria present in the air and make the air cleaner. Filters last 5 to 6 months if used 2 to 3 hours daily.

5. ANSIO Car Air Purifier
Price: Rs 3999

It can be easily placed on the dashboard of the car. It is a bit bigger and that is because it has 6 types of filters, which include pre-filters, HEPA filters, activated carbon, TiO2 photocatalysts, UV lamps. It also has ionizer, which releases negative oxygen ions into the air, which makes the air breathable by eliminating dust particles, pollen, cigarette smoke, car smoke. There are three types of speed modes available in it. With this, the phone can also be charged.

6. Airspa Car Air Purifier
Price: Rs 3400

It weighs just 250 grams. Hepa filter is also found in it. With its round shape it makes the air clean in 360 degree area. It makes very little noise while working so that users are not disturbed. It also absorbs dust particles up to PM2.5 in the air. It can be used in all types of cars.

7. Nuvomed Car Air Purifier
Price: Rs 2750

It can be mounted on the dashboard of the car. It has built-in high grade removable Hepa filters and activated carbon filters. The company claims that Hepa Filters is capable of removing 99 percent of the impurities in the air such as dust, pollen, smoke, odor. It is beneficial for those who have problems such as allergies and asthma.