This girl standing next to Sooraj Pancholi is not Sushant Singh Rajput’s ex-manager Disha Salian

The news of actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death came in just a week after the death of his ex-manager Disha Salian. Since then, conspiracy theories interlinking the two deaths have been floating on the internet. Though the police declared both the deaths as suicide, several people are still speculating that both Sushant and Disha might have been murdered. Several Bollywood celebrities like Salman Khan, Karan Johar and Sooraj Pancholi are being slammed on social media after the death of Sushant and Disha for their possible link with the two deaths.

Amid this, a party picture is going viral on social media in which actor Sooraj Pancholi is present along with some other people. In this picture, a girl holding a glass and standing next to Sooraj is being referred to as Disha Salian.

While Sooraj denied knowing and meeting Disha Salian ever, he is now being trolled on account of this photograph.

India Today Anti Fake News War Room (AFWA) has found the claim to be false. The girl in the picture who’s being called Disha Salian is Sooraj Pancholi’s friend Anushri Gaur.

On August 5, a parody account of actress Kangana Ranaut posted the viral picture with the caption, “Pancholi said he doesn’t know Disha. He Never Met Her in His Entire Life.”

The archived version of this post can be seen here.

Several social media users have shared this picture with similar claims. Some such Twitter posts can be seen here, here and here. On Facebook as well, this picture is being shared with a similar claim.

By the time of filing this story, the Twitter post of Kangana Ranaut’s parody account had been shared by around 1,000 people.

A user has commented, “Disha should have maintained distance from Pancholi as he is the murderer of Jiah Khan.”

“The closeness proves both are love birds!” says another.

AFWA probe
On August 5, actor Sooraj Pancholi had refuted this claim by writing an angry Instagram post.

He had also mentioned that the girl in the picture who’s being addressed as Disha Salian is his friend Anushri Gaur who doesn’t even live in India. Sooraj had also tagged Anushri Gaur in his post.

We compared the viral picture with the pictures of Anushri Gaur posted on her Instagram account. The similarities between the two pictures is uncanny.

The features of Disha Salian, on the other hand, do not match with the features of the girl in the viral picture.

We contacted Anushri through her Instagram account who confirmed that in the viral image, the girl holding the glass, standing close to Sooraj Pancholi is, in fact, her.

Hence, we can say that the claim being made on social media is false. The girl in the viral picture who’s being called Disha Salian is actor Sooraj Pancholi’s friend Anushri Gaur.