Tiger, leopard roaming around villages in Ramnagar, attacked two women and hunted many cattle

Attention! The danger has increased in Teda village and Bailgarh area of ​​Ramnagar. Not one but two predatory wildlife tigers and leopards are roaming within a radius of 200 meters. The tiger has killed eight cows, bulls and goats in ten days in Jahan Teda village. At the same time, the leopard attacked two women and killed many dogs.

These days the tigress is roaming in the Teda village adjacent to the forest under the Kosi range in the Ramnagar Forest Division. So far he has hunted many cattle of the villagers. On Friday, the forest personnel patrolling were seen crossing the main road of the tigress village. Meanwhile, the bike rider was also coming from this path. The forest workers made a noise and stopped the bike rider. When the tigress crossed the road, the bike rider was sent to safety.

According to the forest department, the tigress is roaming up to the bridge of Kosi Barrage. At the same time, leopard is also coming from Bailgarh to Teda village. The leopard had also attacked the woman in Teda village in the past. One beat officer Virendra Pandey said that both are doing wild life movements within a radius of about two hundred meters. People doing the morning walk have been told not to go in the dark. Boards have also been organized for vigilance. Villagers have also been asked to take safety while going to the forest.