‘True faith is essential for true knowledge’

Shri Ramesh Muni M., Mr. Mukesh Jain, Mr. Mudit M. in SS Jain Place Sector 39. A prayer meeting is going on in the association of Adi Muni Sangha. In the meeting, Ramesh Muni said that to make the soul divine, it is necessary to have reverence.

Must be of true reverence to do. One who does not have true faith in his heart, his mind remains fickle like mercury. He sometimes adopts one means and sometimes another. The result is that there is no consistency in his thoughts. If he does not have reverence, then he dips in the ocean of the world. And his knowledge has no value. All the power of knowledge lies with reverence. Devotees swim and cross the ocean of the world. Worldly creature that has been traveling since time immemorial. On this occasion, Mukesh Muni said that no work in the world can be done without emotion. Spontaneously, by mere coincidence, the work is done without any intention or emotion. He cannot be credited to the doer. Fasting is a practice. It is a fruitful practice, but the fruit of fasting will be obtained only if it is adopted with emotion.

Religion is always voluntary, not coercion: Rajendra Muni

Ludhiana: A prayer meeting was organized under the leadership of Dr. Rajendra Muni, Sahitya Diwakar Surendra Muni, Rajasthan promoter saint at SS Jain Sthal Kichlu Nagar. Gurudev Dr. Rajendra Muni said that life will become special if you listen to the teachings of Arihto. Religion is always voluntary, not coercion. He said that if two people remain awake in the society, then they can advance the society and the country. Both saints and soldiers are going to sleep in today’s time. Today saints are also getting entangled in their selfishness. Sadhana used to be honest before, But today this shopkeeping is being done. It is unfortunate for a saint to come to his home. It is a privilege to remember the saint. The saint remembers us, that is the ultimate destiny. It is a great fortune to be a saint himself. Despite all this, if life does not change, then it is our misfortune. Never let saints and soldiers sleep. Both saints and soldiers work for the improvement of society. He said that the soldier’s uniform is no less important than the saffron robes of a monk. He is the symbol of faith.