Vedanti looted applause by performing online at International Kathak Festival

Vedanti Joshi, the city’s Kathak dancer, received applause from the performance at the Kala Bharti International Kathak Festival. 14 artists from India and abroad performed at the Kathak Festival organized by Sanskar Bharti Meerut Province. Apart from five artists from India, artists from Thailand, Sri Lanka, Russia, Singapore were included.

Vedanti started by performing on Prajit Birju Maharaj’s musical composition Prajte Braj Nand Lal. After this, in the traditional pure Kathak and Bhava Paksha, Thumri Mag Roku Na Re Savariya and concluded their dance with foot work. The dance of Vedanti saw beautiful gestures and beautiful Riyaz in the rhythm side. Vedanti Kathak dance, honored with Uttarakhand’s Beti Samman from the state government, has many honors. Vedanti’s 12 videos on Corona Awakening in the lockdown period were well liked on social media. Vedanti, his mother, the famous Kathak dancer. Deepa has been undergoing training since the age of five.