Why is the digestive system important for strengthening the immune system and correcting metabolism

The Digestive System is home to many microorganisms, which play an important role in regulating the health of our disease immune system, driving metabolism and making vitamins. Therefore, it is very important for the health of the body, especially the stomach. However, in summer, many stomach problems arise. As the weather gets warmer, our food habits also change. Due to hot weather, we not only have problems of sweating but also weaken our immune system. In this way, viruses and bacteria start attacking the body. One of the reasons behind this is that food gets spoiled faster in summer than any other season and this is the reason for our illness. This is the reason that cases of stomach-related infections are greatly increased due to increased heat.

Gastrointestinal (gastrointestinal) infection

One of the few symptoms of digestive problems is gastrointestinal infection. Symptoms include swelling in the stomach, heaviness of the stomach, belching, burning sensation, nausea, cold and other problems with cough. Gastrointestinal immune cells protect the small intestine from many types of infections. But if the gastrointestinal infection is the victim, it can cause many problems.

Why strong immune system is necessary

In such a situation, it is very important to strengthen our immune system to prevent infection. A strong immune system not only protects us from colds, but also many other diseases. It also strengthens our digestive system, which protects the intestine from viruses, indigestion and bacteria. So people who have strong immune system are less prone to disease. For a strong immune system, we should eat pomegranate, cheese, oranges, green leafy vegetables, pineapple, mulberry, etc. fruits.

Benefit will be given from Zandu Pancharishta

Apart from this, some Ayurvedic tonics also work to strengthen our immune system. Like Zandu Pancharishta . It not only increases digestive resistance but also removes problems like gas, indigestion, flatulence, constipation etc. By this, the digestive system functions properly and hunger also feels better. It contains such beneficial substances, which strengthen the body’s immune system and protect it from diseases. Due to the inclusion of substances like dashmool, the level of stress in the body is also low. Along with the digestive system, this syrup also addresses the underlying causes of rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmune diseases such as acne, fatigue, disturbances in mental development, mental impairment as well as cancer.

Strong digestive system is necessary for good health

The digestive system in our body acts like a river, every day we consume a variety of substances (beverages, food, medicine), with the hope that our body will be protected from diseases. Of all the substances we consume, many are not environmentally friendly but still our body works very well. Therefore it is said that a healthy digestive system is very important for our immune system. This helps in our metabolism, we get vitamins. With this, functioning properly of our intestine also reaches nutrients in every cell of the body. That is why it is said that 70 percent of our immune system is in the digestive system itself.

What are the symptoms when the immune system is weak?



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Stomach ache




In such a situation, if you also want to stay away from diseases, for this you will have to pay attention to your immune system. Eat food that strengthens the immune system. A good immune system proves to be a boon for your digestive system. With this, you can protect yourself from many diseases.