Yogiraj will sit on the throne, will decorate Rajasthani dress in Thakur ji in Braj

On Janmashtami, Lord Krishna will wear dresses adorned with Rajasthani and Kolkata decorations. Special pearls and stone crowns, necklaces, turban and bracelets are also available in the market for them. In the Corona era, there will be a gem-studded mask for them and an attractive cradle for swinging.

Adorable costumes for the adorable Radha-Krishna in the market are illuminating. This time they have been specially ordered from Vrindavan, Jodhpur, Kolkata. Local artisans have also created attractive costumes made of pearls and zari-tots, whose aura is also seen. Dresses, crowns and turban are available for Laddu-Gopal in silk, pearls and cloth of Gotapatti, Morpunkha, Zari, Net etc. Their prices range from Rs 30 to Rs 450. At the same time, he will be seen to enhance his aura, which is available for 30 to 200 rupees.

Raj will sit on the throne cradle

The dress seller Mayank Mishra said that the royal throne and grand cradle are also available in the market to make Kanha adorned on Janmashtami. This time Phool Bungalow also looks attractive for them with brass and wooden swings, Raja throne. They cost between Rs 120 to Rs 600.

Janmashtami will celebrate Grihastha 11 and Saints 12

There is enthusiasm among devotees to celebrate Krishna Janmashtami, but there is also some doubt as to the date being two days. According to Jyotishacharya Pt. Chandresh Kaushik, the family member will celebrate the birth anniversary of Kanha on 11 and August 12, the monk. According to the planetary constellation, this time on Janmashtami, there is a growth yoga. Therefore, worship will be especially fruitful. In Janmashtami, the date is observed from the moonrise, while the date of other Hindu festivals is determined according to the sunrise. Lord Shri Krishna was born at 12 noon on the eighth day of Bhado Krishna Paksha. Therefore, Ashtami will start from 9 am to 7 am on August 11, and will continue for 11 to 17 minutes in the day on August 12. Janmashtami will be valid only for Vaishnava Dixits and ascetics on August 12. Householders and ordinary people will observe Janmashtami fast on August 11.