16 students of IIT ISM got 43.3 lakh package, four companies selected 23 students

IIT ISM Dhanbad is good news for students in odd circumstances like coronation and lockdown. On Saturday, four companies have selected 23 students. Microsoft alone has selected 16 students on an annual package of Rs 43.3 lakh. At the same time, Ericsson R&D has offered a package of 12.5 lakh to three students. While IBM has selected three and Lido Learning has selected one student. As many companies are taking PPOs during lockdown, those companies have neither increased nor reduced their packages over the previous year.

Earlier during lockdown, Google has selected 31 lakh students, Amazon 28.5 lakhs, Walmart has selected students on the package of 26 lakhs. Let us tell that during lockdown in IIT ISM, a large number of students are getting PPO, Off campus and Internship offers. The campus placement activities are prohibited due to Corona. More than 200 students have received internship offers. While more than 100 students have received PPO offers. Many students have also been selected for higher education in foreign universities.

The environment of Math Computing and Computer Science: The number of students who have been selected during lockdown so far, only companies have liked the students of Computer Science and Math and Computing Engineering. At the same time, electronics and communication engineering students are involved in getting PPO at number three. A total of 23 students were selected on Saturday. Of these, 11 students are from Math and Computing Engineering. Nine students are from Computer Science Engineering and other students are from Electronics and Communication Engineering. Prior to this also, the number of students from these three faculties is the highest among the companies which have selected the students so far.