After Periyar’s book Rajkamal will bring two new books every ten days

In the post-lockdown period, the Rajkamal Publishing Group is making every effort to stay connected with the readers. Under this, it took many initiatives. Interacted through Facebook Live and text-re-text. Now he has started a new phase of publication of new books and first introduced two books of Periyar EV Ramasamy among the readers. These are two books: ‘Religion and Worldview’ and ‘True Ramayana’.

Ashok Maheshwari, president of Rajkamal Publishing Group, is extremely excited about both these books. He says, “It is time for new text as well as re-text. It was a matter of concern for the entire Hindi region that ideas of social thinkers like Periyar were rarely read in Hindi. For a long time, our plan was to collect his thoughts and publish them in one place in the form of a book. This light is expected in this period. It is a pleasant feeling for us to read their thoughts in our own language. “He believes that the splash of books in the past few times is like creating new hope, that is, everything is moving towards recovery. Maheshwari said, “In this new initiative we will provide two new books every ten days to the readers with special discounts. Hopefully readers will welcome this initiative with our heart. ”

The people of North India are unfamiliar with the diverse dimensions of Periyar’s intellectual contribution to this great social revolutionary, philosopher of South India, and to a large part of the country that brought about radical changes in the methods of social balance and political structure. This is strange to hear, but true. The fundamentalism with which Periyar has considered the institution of marriage, the freedom of women, the importance and use of literature, the weaknesses of Indian Marxism, the real intention and hypocrisy of Gandhism and Liberalism, etc. is much needed today.

In this difficult time, Rajkamal Publication Group has continued to engage people. For the first time when the word lockdown appeared in his interview, no one had any idea what would happen next. Through the virtual world, Rajkamal started Facebook Live programs. In live conversation, writers and literature lovers reinforced the belief that we are all connected to each other during the household time. Rajkamal performed 230 live shows in which 162 writers and literary lovers participated. This sequence is still going on. Along with this, he worked to make the reading material available on WhatsApp to the readers through the book WhatsApp and more than 30 thousand readers are reading it daily. The 70th installment of the WhatsApp booklet-re-lesson has been shared with the readers.

Therefore, Rajkamal has continuously increased the availability of books in e-books, so that books can stay together. E-book editions of more than 100 books were added during the lockdown. The publication of new books in this episode is the next initiative of Rajkamal Publishing Group. After two books by Periyar, Trilok Nath Pandey’s novel ‘Chanakya’s detective’ and Prabodh Kumar Sanyal’s travelogue ‘Uttara Himalaya-Charit’ (Yatra-Katha) will be published and available for readers soon. Chanakya’s detective is Triloknath Pandey’s second novel. An innovative experiment of espionage has been attempted in this. Because it is not just espionage fantasy, but a historical story secreted by empirical minds.