Borrowed money from relatives and gave it to the agent, instead of living in America, got jail

Agent asked for 20 lakhs to be sent to America, there was talk of not having so much money for Rs 18 lakhs

Jagran Correspondent filed a case against Agent Sandeep on the complaint of Palkidra Singh, resident of Charkhi Mohalla, Ambala City: Palvidra Singh of Charkhi locality had given Rs 18 lakh to send agent Sandeep to America by borrowing money from relatives. But instead of staying there, he had to be jailed. He did not know that the agent had sent there illegally. He came to know about this after he was caught by the US police. Now when I asked for the money back from the agent, I started to ignore In this way, accused Sandeep Seth gave him a lime of Rs 18 lakh. The victim has lodged a complaint against the agent by complaining to the police station police station.

Talked for 18 lakh rupees instead of 20

In the complaint, Palvidra Singh said that in July 2017 he went to the office of agent Sandeep Seth. He asked for 20 lakh rupees in lieu of sending it to America, but the deal was done for 18 lakhs. Sandeep said that in addition to passports and papers, first deposit Rs five lakh. A few days later, Sandeep Seth asked Palvidra to get a US visa and asked to deposit Rs 13 lakh. After this Palvidra went to Sandeep’s office with Nana Sardar Ravel Singh. They said that they cannot deposit this amount together. Only eight lakh can be deposited. Sandeep agreed to him and promised to give the remaining amount after sending it to America.

This is how the journey of difficulties started

Palvidra Singh said that on 21 October 2017, Sandeep Seth took him from Mexico to Mexico, traveling to different countries. Here the Dunkers tried to illegally cross the border of America, then the police there arrested him and put him in jail. After this, he made a white pose and sent it back to India on 28 September 2018. After coming here, he told the whole thing to Sandeep Seth. After this Sandeep asked to send him again to Europe. But after a long time, neither did he send to Europe nor return the money. In this way agent Sandeep Seth has cheated him of Rs 18 lakh.

A case has been registered against the accused Sandeep Seth on the complaint of Pavidra Singh. The matter is still under investigation.

-Ramkumar, SHO, Thana City, Ambala City.