Case Against Hyderabad Man For Giving Triple Talaq To Wife

An FIR has been registered against a man on the basis of a complaint from his wife who alleged that he gave her ”triple talaq”.
“I got married in September 2017 to Abdul Samee a Lab Technician and we shifted to Hyderabad from Mallepally. Two months after the wedding, my husband and his family started harassing me mentally and physically. My in-laws were torturing me for additional dowry, gold every month and I used to go to my mother or uncle’s home,” alleged the complainant.

The woman alleged that after she gave birth to a boy in June 2018, after two months her husband and in-laws stole her gold and when she enquired about it, they hit me and injured me “My husband locked me inside the house for three months without any communication with neighbours or mobile phone,” she added.

She further said that his family members used to torture her to divorce him. “Many times, he used the word ”talaq” and tortured me mentally and injuring myself or commit suicide. He tried to kill me and kept me under house arrest but I tolerated them for the sake of my child,” the claimant detailed.

She further said that on March 25 after an argument Samee uttered the word ”talaq” thrice and dropped her off at her mother’s place.

The LB Nagar Police under Rachakonda Commissionerate has issued an FIR against Samee under Section 4 of The Muslim Women (Protection of rights on Marriage) Act 2019.

Further investigation is currently underway.