‘Dhanavarsha’ will be showing the speed of sowing, Dhanavarsha will be done in 12 days in 27,928 ha.

The pace with which paddy is planted in the district has raised hopes of bumper production. One reason for this is that the monsoon is in its mood from the very beginning. The fields are wet with water, the conditions are favorable, hence the paddy transplant is also fast.

Paddy has been planted in 27 thousand 928 hectares in the last 12 days. Paddy transplanting has been completed in Kharak and Bihpur. However plantation work at Goradih is much slower than in other blocks. So far, only 14 percent has been planted. When compared to last year, the situation is much better. Till August 18 last year, only 36.111.6 thousand (69.46 percent) hectare was planted. The main reason for this was reported to be 15.75 percent less rain than normal from June to August 18. This year from June 1 to July 25, there has been 15 percent more rainfall than normal. So far in July, 25 percent more rain has been received than normal.

The target is to cultivate paddy in 52 thousand hectares in the district. According to departmental officials, paddy was planted in 10734.70 hectares (20.64 percent) only six days ago. After this, plantation works increased and till Saturday, 27 thousand 928 hectares (55 percent) has been planted. The target will be completed soon. On the other hand, the target of maize cultivation was set at 44 thousand hectares, but 44232 (100.53 percent) has been cultivated over the target. So far 7218 hectares (88 percent) has been cultivated in 8365 hectares of pulses in proportion to the target of cultivation.

Paddy transplantation has gained momentum. Monsoon is also supporting. There is no shortage of water in the fields due to continuous rains. Farmers are planting by creating physical distance in the fields. The plantation is expected to be completed by the first week of August. The yield is expected to be good this year. -KK Jha, District Agricultural Officer, Bhagalpur.

Block wise paddy transplant report sent to the government

1. Shahkund – 5700 hectares (56 percent)

2. Sanhula-6105 hectare (62 percent)

3. Pirpanti-3407 Hectares (81%)

4. Kahalgaon – 2968 ha (63%)

5. Sultanganj-4015 hectare (69 percent)

6. Jagdishpur-1435 hectare (40 percent)

7.Nathnagar-1050 ha (31%)

8. Goradih-1020 ha (14%)

9. Sabour-618 ha (43%)

10. Navgachiya – 362 hectares (99 percent)

11. Rangra – 189 hectares (62 percent)

– Target of paddy cultivation in 52 thousand hectare in the district, till date 55 percent planting

– Paddy transplanting completed in Kharak and Bihpur, speed is slow in Goradih