E-ICU will be monitored from Gurugram and Rohtak

In order to ensure that the shortage of doctors does not affect the treatment of patients, e-ICU (Electronic Intensive Care Unit) has been operated in Faridabad. E-ICU is currently being monitored from Gurugram and soon it will also start from Rohtak PGI. Currently, goods have reached for E-ICU at PGI, Mewat Medical College and Khanpur Medical College. It will be started here soon too.

During the Corona epidemic, patients are suffering due to lack of specialist doctors. Patients with critical condition are referred to other medical institutions so that specialist doctors can better treat them. Many times the process is wasted and the patient also dies. Now, the government has started e-ICU facility to rid patients of these problems. At present, E-ICU has been started at Faridabad ESI Center. Whereas Mewat, Rohtak PGI and Khanpur Medical College have reached to make e-ICU. After fitting it, e-ICU will be started in these three medical colleges by the end of the month. The government has signed an MoU with a private company called Springer Health Care to make it a success. As a pilot project, it will be operated only in four medical colleges in the state.

Monitoring will be done from PGI and Gurugram

E-ICU is currently being monitored from Gurugram. However, till now only E-ICU has started in Faridabad ESI. As soon as it will be started in all three other medical colleges, its monitoring will be started from Rohtak PGI. Kovid State Nodal Officer Dr. Dhruv Chaudhary has been given the responsibility. Version —

Currently, e-ICU has started operations at Faridabad ESI. It is being monitored from Gurugram. The goods have also reached other three medical colleges. E-ICU will be started here soon.

– Dr. Dhruv Chaudhary, Kovid, State Nodal Officer