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The Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India has given a new slogan of Stay in India and Study in India for students desirous of going abroad for studies. Given the danger of Kovid-19, studying abroad is not a safe option. Many parents are afraid to send their children abroad and are looking for good universities and colleges in India. Although there is more than one university and education institute in our country, Where courses have been developed to provide world class education. Madhya Pradesh’s leading SEZ group has taken the lead in realizing the government’s campaign. Apart from imparting world class education at SEZ University, new courses have been developed to cater to the demand of the industry today and the future, and have also tied up with Harvard Business School. Our team had a special conversation with Sakshi Agarwal, Executive Director of SEZ Group and learned that in this round of Kovid-19, India and especially the students of Madhya Pradesh to face global competition and get world class education. What are the options for

Special conversation with Sage Group executive director Sakshi Aggarwal:

Question- Results of 10th and 12th have come. What advice would you like to give to students and their parents for further studies?

Sakshi Aggarwal- The year 2020 is full of uncertainties. After 12th, students also have a lot of dilemma regarding further studies and careers. I would like to advise these students and their parents that you should keep trust in your country and education system here. Universities in India are capable of providing world class education, research opportunities and placements to students. Indian universities are also adopting the best learning process in the world and are not less than anyone. After 10th and 12th, you all have to see what your interests are and which university in the country can better your interest. I would like to tell those who are from Madhya Pradesh why you do not explore the universities of Madhya Pradesh. There are more than one advanced courses available as per your interest here.

Q: What kind of courses have been launched by SEZ which can make students efficient at national and international level.

Sakshi Agarwal- Our focus in SEZ is how can we make the best of our students so that they can face global competition as well as meet the demand of the industry today and even after twenty years. We offer dozens of courses and programs ranging from Engineering to Agriculture, Designing Architecture, Law, Bio Sciences, Forensic Sciences, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, BBA, MBA, Business Analytics which are designed to meet the demand of the industry. We also offer Betac, Em Tech and PhD programs. Most of our courses have industry tie ups. With the changes in the industry, we keep improving our courses.

Question- After studying in today’s time, the big question is of good placement. How does Sage University help its students for placements?

Sakshi Aggarwal-Our courses are helpful in developing entrepreneurial skills in students along with getting placements in the big companies of the country and the world. SEZ University has tied up with well-known companies in the country and the world so that people from the industry will come here to teach students and from here they also take placements. Such as Huawei, Sunstone, Microfocus, Amazon AWS, Apple, Redheart Technologies etc. All of these we provide certification. For these courses, we also make students visit commercial sites and industries and also conduct internships where they get theory as well as industry learning and practical knowledge. These industry tie ups give students a strong academic background based on industry exposure, which makes them easier to get good placement. Our Placement Cells also help students to find opportunities according to their skills, to arrange campus selection and prepare them for group discussions and interviews.

Q- You have tie-ups with many international universities, how are these tie ups beneficial for students, and what are the other skilled programs that are benefiting the students.

Sakshi Aggarwal- SEZ University has tie-ups with several international universities in countries like USA, London and Taiwan. With them, we do knowledge sharing, research collaboration, summer classes, not only for students but also for teachers. Students can go to these universities and study there for some time, do internships or they can find experts from all over the world through online classes while sitting here at the university. For new technology and skill development, we have World Class Apple Certified Lab for Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Red Heart Lab, Amazon AWS Lab, IUT has Cloud Computing Technology which provides advanced global skill development in students. Are helpful for

Question- Have you tied up with Harvard Business School for online learning, tell about that?

Sakshi Aggarwal- The tie-up of online learning with Harvard Business School is a huge achievement of Sage Group as an Indian Educational Institution and we are very thankful to Harvard Business School. Thirteen online courses are being provided by Harvard Business School specifically for SEZ alumni, SEZ students and SEZ faculty members. Students can take advantage of this through SEZ scholarship to study from Harvard faculty without going to Harvard.

Question- What are the steps being taken by the SEZ University for the students during the Corona period so that they can be safe and also keep their education level up.

Sakshi Aggarwal-Corona has changed the education system of the whole world and forced to create new strategies. We also have new doors of possibilities. We created the entire time table online after lockdown. The offline schedule for students was made online so that they could study at home. We have also made online arrangements for placements and interviews. Our effort is to provide world class education to our students at all costs. More than 18 thousand students are currently studying in SEZ institutions. There are more than 50,000 alumnae, Has more than 3500 staff. During the lockdown, we conducted a number of online seminars in which to keep the morale of all of them, well-known speakers of the country and the world gave lectures on their respective topics. At the same time, we also conducted online programs for skill development for our people so that they can learn something new during lockdown. Because of Kovid, we have not stopped ourselves but have tried to move forward. Our progress is due to the love and good wishes of our students, alumni, faculty, board of directors and our well wishers.