Foreign students create ruckus at Mewar University, lock on main gate

On Thursday, foreign students created a ruckus at the Mewar University in Gangrar in Chittorgarh district of Rajasthan and locked the main gate of the university. Later, in the presence of police and administrative officers, the lock was opened and explained in the university campus

Police were deployed. Mewar University has a large number of students from Sudan, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Yemen etc. Even after the outbreak of Corona epidemic, he remained in university hostels and did not return to his country. On Thursday morning, a group of foreign students started a ruckus at the university and locked the gates of the university.

They allege that foreign students are being treated half-way in the Corona epidemic. They are not allowed to drop out of the university, while students from other parts of Rajasthan can go out of the university. Even he keeps coming to Gangrar and Chittorgarh. He said that during the Corona epidemic he is being forcibly kept as a prisoner by stating oral rules for him. He said that if all the students are stopped they do not mind. He is following the rules completely due to the Corona epidemic. He said that teachers coming from there should also be banned in case of increasing corona infection in Gangrar and Chittorgarh.

Here, soon after getting information about the uproar in the university, Gangarar Thanadikari reached with Police Jabta. The administrative officials held talks with the university administration, in which it was decided that the rules that the university will implement for the corona epidemic will apply equally to every student, whether it is from India or foreign, as well as university employees. After four hours of talks, foreign students agreed and they opened the locks on the university campus.