High Court verdict

After the court’s decision, the hurt parents, the guardian unity platform will plead in the double bench

On Monday, the Punjab and Haryana High Court has given a big relief to private schools. The High Court has allowed private schools to collect annual fees and tuition fees. There is resentment among the parents by this decision of the court. Because many parents have not deposited tuition fees, now the deposit of annual funds has created a huge crisis for the parents in this economic downturn. At the same time, for private school managers, this decision seems no less than a lottery. Kailash Sharma, the state general secretary of the Guardian Ekta Manch, said that the decision has been pronounced by a single bench.

In such a situation, he will now take the matter to the double bench. In this way it is not right to charge the fees on the parents. Parent Sudhir Garg says that this decision has been pronounced only in the interest of schools. How can other funds be taken along with tuition fees when the children are not going to school. This needs to be considered. Because millions of parents will be affected by this decision. These orders have shocked the government and parents who were waiting that they would not have to pay school fees for the lockdown period.

More than 2 lakh children study in more than 1 thousand private schools in Gurgaon

More than two lakh children are studying in more than a thousand private schools in Gurgaon. In such a situation, during the lockdown, apart from tuition fees, apart from tuition fees, the order of taking additional charge has created problems especially for the parents. Out of these, there are more than 200 big schools, which are around the city and in which thousands of rupees are charged annually. But now it has to be seen whether the double bench of the High Court in this case gives relief to the parents or it remains the order.

Pleading will be done in double bench

After Punjab, now for Haryana, the court has also ordered that all schools can recover tuition fees from parents during lockdown whether or not a school has provided online class facility. High Court Justice Ramendra Jain granted this relief to private schools on the basis of a decision given by a single bench of the High Court in a case of Punjab.

State President welcomed the decision

We welcome the decision of the High Court in the context of school fees. A contrary atmosphere was created in the state due to the contrary statements of the government. The ministers of the government should give a thoughtful statement. The case reached the High Court due to his false statement. This has created an opposite atmosphere. For this, we completely accept mindless ministers.
Yashpal Yadav, State President, Haryana Educational Institutions Organization