Hostel children stopped studying

A competent residential school for poor and orphans is being run by the Education Department in the hostel located in Sector 2 of Bokaro Steel City. These are children who do not have parents and are extremely poor. Along with education in school, there was also food for them. But due to corona infection, about 80 students studying here were sent to their homes. The parents of these children do not have Android Mobile available. Therefore, they are not getting the benefit of online education. No initiative has been taken by the department to provide them online education.

What is the plan: A competent residential school has been established in Sector 2 of the city by the Education Department to provide free residential education to the poor and orphan children of the district. Here students are being provided free education from class one to eighth. In addition, they are being provided the facility of free accommodation, book, dress and MDM. Currently there are about 80 poor and orphan students studying here. All children studying here were sent to their homes to prevent corona infection. But action was not taken to provide online education to them. There is no one to worry about his studies.

Children studying in Samarth residential school have been sent home. Children are given books to study at home. Parents do not have a smart phone. Therefore, the benefit of online education is not available. However, teachers are trying to address the doubts of children through mobile.

Neelam Eileen Toppo, District Education Officer